Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China


Marjo Crompvoets








Marjo Crompvoets took up her appointment as HM Consul-General  in Guangzhou on 19 July 2015. She leads the Dutch Government’s engagement in the four provinces of the South China region: Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and Hainan.

Marjo has a post-graduate degree in Chinese Culture and Languages from Leiden University and a post-graduate degree in International Relations from Groningen University in the Netherlands. She was a foreign student in Taiwan and China (Nanjing University) in the late 1980’s and beginning 1990’s.

Marjo joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997 and has served in the beginning of her career at several embassies in Africa. In 2010 she was posted at the Dutch Embassy in Seoul as Deputy Head of Mission. Her work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has focused on migration related criminal activities and international cultural cooperation.  Since 2006 she has mainly dealt with the promotion of Dutch trade and handling of bilateral relations (in Nigeria and Korea).

Before the start of her diplomatic career, Marjo also worked in some private sector roles related to South East Asia and China.  She is married with three children.

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