Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China

Consular competences

Province or region Dutch mission
Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Consulate-general Shanghai
Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Consulate-general Guangzhou
Hong Kong and Macao

Consulate-general Hong Kong SAR

All other provinces and autonomous regions

Embassy Beijing
Republic of Mongolia Embassy Beijing


General competences

The Dutch Consulate-general in Chongqing has no consular competences. We kindly ask that you turn to another Dutch mission in China for your consular issues.

All representations, except the Consulate-general in Chongqing, can help you with the following consular acts:

  • Legalisations of Chinese documents that have already been legalised by the Chinese authorities and that are to be used in administrative procedures in the Netherlands.
  • Drawing up Consular declarations:
    • certificates of civil status.
    • certificates of life.
    • certificates of residence.
    • certificates of nationality.
    • confirmation of acquisition of Dutch nationality (optie).
  • Applying for Dutch passports.
  • Applying for emergency passports or Laissez Passers.
  • Legalising signatures of Dutch nationals.
  • Certified copy of a Dutch passport.
  • Taking the civic integration examinations (as well as applying for a exemption thereof).
  • Applying for Schengen visas for the Netherlands.
  • Applying for visas for Aruba or the Dutch Antilles.
  • Applying for long term visas (MVVs).
  • Civic integration examinations for long term visas (MVVs).

The embassy or consulate will only issue additional certificates or acts, valid from the time of your arrival in China. You will need to request recent certificates or acts from the authorities of the last municipality of your residence in the Netherlands first, and to show these at the embassy or consulate. If you have lived in third countries after your departure from the Netherlands, you will need to produce contiguous certificates or acts from embassies or consulates in those countries as well.

In Hong Kong the certificates or acts are drawn up on the basis of the certificate the person(s) concerned can request from the Hong Kong Immigration Service. This may take up to three weeks.

Special competences in Beijing

The Dutch Embassy in Beijing can additionally help you with the following consular acts:

  • All certificates and acts mentioned above.
  • Drawing up of the following certificates:
    • birth certificates of Dutch citizens.
    • death certificate of Dutch citizens.
  • Issuance of extracts from the certificates drawn up in the Embassy in the past.
  • Issuance of extracts from certain Notarial Acts.

As well as:

  • Visas for residents of Mongolia who can not be helped by the German Embassy in Ulan Baatar (on presentation of denial letter)
  • MVV applications for residents of Mongolia.
  • Civic integration examinations for citizens of Mongolia.

The Consulate General in Hong Kong will also draw up marriage settlements or take charge of last wills (testaments).