Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China

Embassy welcomes young Chinese female filmmakers

On 14 January, the Netherlands Embassy hosted the closing ceremony of the documentary training workshop for young Chinese female filmmakers organized by the Chinese NGO Crossroads.

During the 9-day workshop, in which 12 young women from various Chinese provinces participated, the students followed masterclasses taught by renowned Chinese directors such as Wang Bing and Wang Chao, as well as trainings on women’s rights by UN Women and the Ford Foundation.

Furthermore, the participants were asked to produce a short film themselves with the goal of recording on film one aspect of the lives of women in China. In just two days and with very limited resources, each of the participants managed to make a film, edit it, subtitle it and screen it at the embassy.

A broad range of topics were covered, including what it is like to be blind, to work in the big city as a female migrant worker, to raise your child as a single mother, the struggle to find a suitable partner, life as a transgender and many more.

Two of the films were chosen as winners by the jury and received a small grant to finance a future film project. The Netherlands Embassy is a proud sponsor of Crossroads and other organizations that work to raise awareness and fight for equality for all through these kinds of initiatives. We thank Crossroads, all trainers and the participants for your contribution and wish you all the best in your careers.