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The Dutch water sector

As well as a threat, water is also essential to life in the delta. This makes the sector fundamental to Dutch culture and character. The water sector has three primary focus areas: water technology, maritime technology and delta technology. These areas are concerned with protecting the land, generating energy, smart technologies for water recycling and safe and efficient ships.

  • Delta technology: Enables life in the delta. Prime examples of delta technology in action include the sand engine and the creation of land in the sea at Maasvlakte II. There are also many applications overseas, in cities where water poses a threat. Learn more about this sector via this link.
  • Water technology: Enables the delivery of clean water to inhabitants of the delta. The area of water technology also has a strong focus on efficiency and recycling. Dutch knowledge in this area is applied and traded worldwide. Water is essential for citizens, for industry and for agriculture and therefore a key element in the economy. Learn more about this sector via this link.
  • Maritime technology: The Netherlands has a highly developed marine technology sector. The country has been a powerful maritime nation throughout history with strong trading links around the world. The Netherlands also has the largest inland fleet in Europe and one of the strongest maritime clusters in the world. Learn more about this sector via this link.