Netherlands Embassy and Consulates, China

Dutch water-related activities in China

Over ten years ago, Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) started to work together. In this concrete, problem-oriented cooperation between the two countries, twinning has become an important ingredient to learn mutually from both parties.

For the Chinese side, not only MWR is involved in this cooperation, but also several river commissions and research institutes. The river commissions are responsible for the day to day water management and the management of the catchments; therefore they are responsible for innovations and constructions.

From the side of the Netherlands Deltares and UNESCO IHE plus some specific market parties are involved in the Sino-Dutch cooperation. In line with the G2G cooperation, innovation and knowledge exchange are the main focus areas and the goal is to create chances for the Dutch market sector.

Examples of Sino-Dutch twinning is the link between the IJsselmeer and Lake Tai (wave measurements, water quality/algae blooms) and the link between the Huai River and the Rhine (flood safety and operational crises management).